Galley Components

Galley Components

Galley Equipment is responsible for some of the highest removal rates of any components on an aircraft. Most coffee makers and water boilers become BER due to corrosion. Continued usage without regular decalcification causes heating elements to catastrophically fail.

Aviocraft offers programs that repairs the subcomponent failure caused by mineral accretion. We also provide repairs to the housing and rail when cracks/damage is present. The repair is a fixed price and includes complete decalcification of the tank and sub components, inspections of all tubing and threaded fixtures as well as replacement of common use items. In addition to the decalcification program, Aviocraft holds full capability to test, repair and overhaul your gallery products.

Supporting all OEMs:

  • B/E Aerospace
  • Inventum
  • Lacobucci Americana
  • IPECO/Benson-Lund
  • SELL/Rumbold
  • TIA

Benefits Include:

  • Tailored programs to meet your needs
  • Significantly reduced MTBF
  • Flat Rate Price Schedules
  • Guaranteed TAT’s