Battery Patent Technology

Battery Patent Technology

Aviocraft’s patented battery charging and repair technologies create a highly cost-effective solution for Mainship batteries, battery chargers, and egress battery packs. Aviocraft’s technologies significantly reduce SCRAP/ BER rates on an average of 80%, while improving MTBF (mean time before failure) and overall performance/reliability.

Every commercial aircraft is fitted with mainship batteries, battery chargers, and several series of egress emergency lights. Egress emergency lights are powered by battery packs installed in the cabin when normal electrical power is not available. On every “C” Check, all egress emergency batteries are removed and replaced. Batteries and battery chargers are also checked. Typically, on check, these units yield high failure rates resulting in discarded/scrapped units. Scrapping and replacing these components become very expensive, this expense is easily avoided by utilizing Aviocraft’s patented technologies/repair programs. 

The various Aviocraft programs create a reliable, cost effective and quality service for air carriers, operators and aircraft owners worldwide.  Aviocraft’s services afford the customer the opportunity to reduce maintenance cost.

Customer Endorsement:

Due to the efforts of Phoenix Aviation (Aviocraft) Southwest Airlines has generated approximately $2.9 million dollars in savings.

Patent Technology

Aviocraft holds several patents that advances battery charging through rapid pulse technologies.